About Us
Women's Birth & Wellness Center staff is dedicated to make your birth experience the way you want it to be! Each staff member is here to provide personalize care for you, your baby and your family. We are all ready and happy to service your family!

The mission of the Women's Birth and Wellness Center is to improve the health status of the families of the City of Mesa and Maricopa County. Our goals are to:

1. Provide family centered, community based primary health care services with a focus on prevention.

2. Provide maternity and birth care, focusing on services provided by or through the freestanding birth center and homebirth.

3. In collaboration with community residents, identify and offer other health care services needed in the community.

4. Provide integrated services in collaboration with social, early childhood and family development services.

5. Focus on improving the health status of families in the surrounding community.

6. Establish a model for the effecting, efficient delivery of essential health care services for the neighborhoods in Maricopa County and for other medically underserved areas of the nation.

Meet The Staff

Becky Calligan, RN

Becky is a Registered Nurse and is one of our on-call nurses for the birth center. Becky is dedicated to providing excellent care and education to expecting mothers.
Sarah Calligan, Front Desk/Birth Attendant
Sarah is a full time student and full time mom to her daughter, Bethany. Sarah worked with her mom, the midwife for over 4 years studying midwifery and the process of birth. Sarah is pursuing a degree as a registered and following the steps of her mother in becoming a CNM. Sarah has great passion in helping women through labor, birth and postpartum.
Faith Beighey, CNA / Front Desk / Hypnobirthing Instructor
Faith is a Certified Nursing Assistant, a front desk assistant and a hypnobirthing instructor. Faith recently delivered her 2nd baby girl at home with Claudine in April and can be seen at the birthing center with her little baby. Faith is passionate about influencing the birthing community with her knowledge of hypnobirthing and her care for expecting mothers.

Meet The Providers

The Midwife, Claudine Calligan CNM, FNP-c

Claudine Calligan has been married for 35 years and has 12 children. Her love for midwifery came after her first 2 hospital births, which was not how she thought labor and birth should be. She began researching alternative methods to having a baby and delivered her third baby at a chiropractor's office. She began practicing midwifery about 20 years ago and moved between three different states to provide midwifery care to women. She got her Licensed for Midwifery in 1994. She did home births for over 10 years. She went to Grand Canyon University and got her BSN and got her degree as a Registered Nurse in 2006. She worked at Banner Good Sam Hospital for over two years in high risk OB as a nurse. She went back to school and got her degree as Certified Family Nurse Practitioner 2008, and then got her Certified Nurse Midwife license in 2009. She is currently working on her doctorate degree. She has always had a dream to open a free standing birth center to provide an alternative birthing method to women. Claudine provides holistic, alternative, balanced care between homeopathic and allopathic. She believes that your birth should be your way, that she is just her to guide you through your journey and monitor the health of you and your baby.
Kristina Calligan, NP
Kristina Calligan is a nurse practitioner specializing in gynecology. A native to Arizona she obtained her BS in nursing in 2006 at Grand Canyon University. Never one to stop striving and achieving all that she could, she completed two master degrees in nursing science and business administration in 2012. Her specialties include clinical research and patient education. In her free time she is becoming an avid golfer.
Our Back-up Midwives:
We have available local back-up midwives that we can call to attend your birth if there is a need.

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